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Living with Ignatius: On the Compass of Joy


Nikolaas Sintobin SJ

‘Fr Sintobin’s introduction to Ignatius’s life and spiritual teachings is an invitation to a more intensely and consciously lived life’. Intercom

‘This little book is an important contribution to the ongoing Ignatian celebrations’.  The Irish Catholic

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Living with Ignatius: On the Compass of Joy

What makes a successful life, and how do I decide what do with mine? What does it mean to believe in God? Does God still hold the same meaning and relevance in our time, and if so, how can I tap into that meaning? These are just some of the questions addressed in this new book on how the lived experience of St Ignatius Loyola can be used as a guiding principle towards a more intensely and consciously lived life in today’s world.

It provides an insight into the life of Ignatius, as well as an introduction to Ignatian spirituality, presenting it not as a doctrine, but as a spiritual toolkit from which we can draw strength and knowledge. An illuminating read for those familiar with Ignatius as well as those new to Ignatian spirituality.

A Flemish Jesuit priest, Nikolaas Sintobin SJ has been a teacher and a chaplain in the Jesuit high schools of Paris and Antwerp, specialising in Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy. He has worked as an internet chaplain for the past 10 years, sharing the Gospel in our current secular and multi-religious culture through humour, podcasts, reality TV, YouTube and blogging.

210 x 140mm