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Did Jesus Really Exist? and 51 other questions


Nikolaas Sintobin SJ

“Light-hearted yet theologically sound answers to questions about the Christian faith”.   The Tablet

“…a very imaginative attempt to engage with young Christians in a rapidly-changing world…The author’s style is conversational and fresh and invites the reader into a deeper appreciation of the life-enhancing message of Christianity.”  The Furrow

With 52 questions and answers, this book gives you an overview of the content of the Christian faith. Read it as an introduction to Christianity or a deepening refreshment of the basic elements.

The questions are taken from life.  What do people do in heaven? Is God a judge who condemns? Are other religions wrong? Has Jesus laughed?

All pieces can be read in a maximum of two minutes. The answer is followed by questions to work on it individually or together with others, as well as references to other questions relating to the subject under discussion.

Nikolaas Sintobin, SJ is a spiritual director who is keenly interested in online ministry and discovering new ways to help people find God.


170 x 110mm