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Trust Your Feelings: Learning how to make choices with Ignatius of Loyola


Nikolaas Sintobin SJ

‘The language is simple, the insights are profound and the technique is open to all… [the author] writes of the inner life with a sureness of touch and the clarity of a born leader.’   Church Times

warmly recommended…. truly there is something for everyone in this book.’  The Irish Catholic

‘[these] golden threads apply to anyone who is a serious seeker after true quality of life…clear, well-written and helpful.’    Catholic South West

This book is about discernment, how to look for clues in our innermost experience in order to guide behaviour. Christians believe that a careful reading of our deepest emotions can reveal what God is inviting us to do. The language that God speaks today is that of human experience.

The book opens with a general overview of the practice of discernment. It explains how discernment can be practiced in daily life, and can help in making choices, Then ten different emotionally-charged situations are explored. Finally, the book addresses the question of whether or not discernment is reserved for Christians, and also briefly discusses discernment in a community setting. The book concludes with a reflection on discernment as a way of life.


210 x 140mm