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Theology and Ecology in Dialogue: The Wisdom of Laudato Si’


Dermot A. Lane

‘Dermot Lane has done Theology a great service in the publication of this work‘.  Reality

Lane weaves an argument that is rigorous while remaining accessible.[This book] warrants widespread and serious engagement from the church’Jesuits in Ireland

‘…mapping out a theology for the third millennium.’   The Irish Catholic

This ground-breaking book…is a precious gift to the Church at large.’   Search Journal

‘…investigates both our biblical sources and modern science to fashion a new vision of our Christian faith that takes the ‘sign of times’ more seriously.‘   The Furrow

‘…a fruitful starting point for further doctrinal reflection…illustrates the sheer extent to which ecological concerns might penetrate theology and practice.’   The Way

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This book builds bridges between theology and ecology. It challenges theology to re-imagine who we are, who the Spirit is, who Christ is, where creation is going, and what is the role of liturgy in society—all in the glare of the climate crisis. Up to now climate change was left to scientists, politicians, and activists. It is now time for religion to enter the debate. Climate change is not just one more problem to be addressed; it is the challenge facing humanity in the 21st century. This thought-provoking text will be of interest to activists, policymakers, educators, priests, and theologians.

210 x 140