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Nature Praising God: Towards a Theology of the Natural World


Dermot A. Lane

‘an important and accessible book in which the arguments and clearly and logically presented.; An excellent read and great material for a parish study group.’ Search Journal

‘a well-researched and very valuable work…makes a rich contribution towards bridging the disconnect between our faith and our modern scientific knowledge’   Spirituality

‘a slim volume, but its content is massive…there is spiritual gold there. It would be well-used by prayer groups, by scripture study gatherings, by sacramental and liturgy preparation groups’.   Intercom

‘a book which sparkles with delightful thoughts inspired both by nature and by humanity.’ The Irish Catholic

‘an awfully good book, written with verve, challenge, coherence, clarity and zeal.’ Catholic South West

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Author Dermot Lane says we need to flip the way we regard nature–traditionally as a resource for human needs–and embrace a new way of praising God through an appreciation of and care for the myriad of life forms on earth.

210mm x 140mm