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Reimagining Religion: A Jesuit Vision


Jim Maher SJ

identifies and interrogates operative images of God, church and society while offering a vision for the future of these in terms of key Jesuit values, spiritual and social, ecological and generational.’  The Furrow

‘Jim Maher invites young readers and the rest of us to engage with a grown-up version of God. Any group or individual working through this book will not escape untransformed.’    Methodist Recorder

‘[the author] highlights the value of spirituality and religion, how they complement each other and their role in providing purpose and meaning in life’.  The Catholic Post

‘Across the spectrum of ages and viewpoints [this book] will help to bring a sense of togetherness and community.’ The Irish Catholic

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Jim Maher SJ was born in Limerick. He has spent most of his Jesuit life ministering at Crescent College Comprehensive SJ as a teacher of English and R.E. He managed the 5th Year Social Outreach Programme and led 6th Year pilgrimage retreats. He continues to provide pastoral support at Crescent College Comprehensive.


In Reimagining Religion: A Jesuit Vision Maher starts from the premise that to be human is to be in relationship – with others, with our planet and with God. These relationships guide our interactions – our stewardship oof the planet, our insistence on social justice and our respect for the dignity of others.

He highlights the value of spirituality and religion, how they complement one another and their role in providing purpose and meaning to life.

Maher offers four guiding principles  or ‘apostolic preferences’ identified by the Jesuits as a way of reconsidering the religious and spiritual quest so that it has relevance and traction in our twenty-first century.

The foundations of reflective living, social and climate justice and creating a hope-filled world for our young people can influence values, attitudes and beliefs and guide our behaviour and actions so we can both fully live our potential as ‘persons in relationship’ and rediscover the Christianity we need.