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Pathways to a Decision with Ignatius of Loyola


Jim Maher SJ

‘…a wealth of insight…Beginners will learn, the advanced will appreciate it, and instructors will find it a rich resource’.  The Way

“This book is worth its weight in gold… an easy and accessible way into Ignatian wisdom…Jim Maher has done a great service to the Church.”   Catholic South West  

“…through a series of ten chapters, he shows how the ideas of St Ignatius, the Ignatian way, can be applied to our everyday lives.”   The Irish Catholic

An exploration of some of St Ignatius’ key insights that provide inspiration for Jesuits and others throughout the world. This book offers a window to a spirituality that recognises God’s presence through our feelings, desires, and actions in unexpected places and at unexpected times. This accessible introduction will be helpful to those associated with the Jesuits or those who want to find out more about their spirituality.