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Letters from Elizabeth

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Christian Martyrdom

When you hear the word ‘martyr’ what springs to mind? I think of the early Church and the first Christians: Steven, the first martyr, was stoned to death. Throughout the past two thousand years of Church history people from all walks of life and every part of the world have been martyred for the Faith.

Forgiveness ~ Part 1

January is often the month when we take stock of our lives. We set new goals for ourselves and make numerous New Year’s resolutions. We take up new hobbies and start evening classes in everything from cooking, woodwork and creative writing to jogging, Tai Chi and mindfulness.

A Trip to the Holy Land

In the last days of our trip to the Holy Land we finally arrived at Jerusalem. We visited the Garden of Gethsemane, the Via Dolorosa, the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, and the Syriac Orthodox Church. Each place was for me a very unique experience. In this reflection I want to share with you a little about the Syriac Orthodox Church also known as the Church of St Mark which I visited with just a few of the group I travelled with.

The Wisdom of Time

As you may know I spend a lot of time in my car travelling all over Ireland visiting promoters. The radio is my constant companion on these journeys. One of my favourite programs is Today with Sean O’Rourke. On Thursday 29th November Sean did an interview with Fr Des O’Grady SJ. It was a powerful interview. I had to stop driving and just listen because it is not often we get such first-hand insights from someone living with Alzheimer’s disease, as Fr Des has done for the past number of years.