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To Grow in Love: A Spirituality of Ageing


Brian Grogan SJ

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Old age can be challenging and in times of hardship we often ask, ‘Where is God?’.

Books on ageing are usually written from a human perspective: the economic, psychological, social and medical angles. There are far fewer books that consider the divine perspective on human ageing. To Grow in Love will console those who seek answers to questions such as: ‘Can we trust God to stay with us as we age?’, ‘God, do you really care?’, ‘What is God trying to make of us in our later years?’ and ‘Suppose there’s nothing after death?’. To Grow in Love provides the reader with hope and consolidation on the journey towards eternity.

Written primarily from God’s point of view, To Grow in Love, includes generous sprinklings of scripture references. The reader is invited not just to read, but to pray the content of each chapter in this book; to ask God what he wants to show us.


210 x 140 mm