The publishing organisation of the Jesuits in Ireland.

The Story of Nano Nagle: A Life Lived on the Razor’s Edge


Anne Lyons PBVM

‘…beautifully written and produced… it deserves to be read as widely as possible.’ Catholic South West newspaper

‘This fine publication…gives a clear picture of the background, inspiration and key moments in the life of this remarkable Cork woman…very accessible, thorough and credible.’ The Furrow

Abandoning a life of privilege, position and wealth, Nano Nagle chose to live and work in her beloved city of Cork, working in solidarity with those made destitute.

Driven by a burning passion to help Christ’s marginalised, she dared not only to dream a better life for them but to make this seemingly impossible dream a lived reality. This was the great miracle of her life. At a time when the role of women in shaping society was severely restricted, she lived on the razor’s edge, a woman fearless before a tyrannical world.




180 x 120mm