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The Quiet Revolution of Pope Francis: A Synodal Catholic Church in Ireland?


by Gerry O’Hanlon SJ

‘a work of seminal importance’  Doctrine & Life

‘For anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of what is happening today in the Church, this is their book.’  The Furrow

‘[this book] could prove to be a catalyst for the renewal of the Church in Ireland.’   Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review

Pope Francis wants to bring about a quiet revolution within the Catholic Church. He wants a reformed church in which the ‘sense of the faithful’, the instinct of baptised men and women, is given a role in the formation and reception of church teaching and governance. The model is one of Jesus conversing with his male and female disciples in Palestine – a walking together of the People of God, a ‘synodal’ church.

Irish Jesuit theologian Gerry O’Hanlon examines this ecclesiological project of Francis and the new roles within it of pope and bishops, theologians, and all the baptised. He considers the Pope’s strategy of a changed ecclesial structure that would outlive his own pontificate.


210 x 140 mm