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The Mindful Our Father


Thomas G Casey SJ

‘This book beautifully teaches us how to be open to God in prayer. A book to be savoured.’  Transforming Ministry

‘…beautifully written…an eminently readable book and I commend it to all…’   The Furrow

A spiritual gem that could bear much fruit for any parish prayer group or personal library’   Intercom

Tucked into these pages are little nuggets of wisdom from a plethora of individuals… This is one of those rare satisfying books to be cherished.’   The Catholic Post

‘A slow, appreciative approach, written with great personal insight…well worth reading’    The Irish Catholic

Many of us have grown up saying The Lord’s Prayer in a hurried way, not really waking up to its richness. This book slows things down in order to facilitate a deepening level of engagement with the prayer. Once we translate the spiritual wisdom of The Lord’s Prayer into the personal language of our experience, we shall be led to a unique encounter with God.

Author of eight books, Thomas Casey recently left the world of academia after twenty years lecturing in Italy, Israel and Ireland. He is now working in a Jesuit school with young people who want to change the world.


210mm x 140mm