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The Messenger | September 2021


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September is the month we celebrate and promote care for creation and stewardship of the earth. Pope Francis has put climate change at the top of his agenda and Justin Kilcullen writes about actions we can take to address our ecological crisis. We look at the modern diversity of Irish society today with reference to the novels of Donal Ryan – a theme taken up elsewhere with Pope Francis’ message for World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees on 26 September where he encourages us to think not in terms of separate ‘us’ and ‘them’ but only a single ‘we’ for our common journey in this world.

We look at a new model for the Church for the third millennium, that of ‘synodality’ or ‘walking together’ and reflect on how we can find the sacred not just in church but in our everyday encounters with others – even the school gate! Our RE:LINK supplement makes a very welcome return with a fascinating look at Judaism and our ongoing series on the prophets, the Gospel of Mark, flora of Ireland and places of worship are all there too. Cookery, crosswords, young readers’ pages and reflections round off the September Messenger.

A pull-out supplement for teenagers and younger readers that addresses the subject and concerns of Catholicism today. RE:LINK supports the Junior Cert curriculum and is an educational resource for all teachers of Religion Studies

RE:LINK returns after a summer break with a fascinating discussion with Nora Tillman, secretary to the Chief Rabbi of Ireland  about Judaism beliefs, prayers and religious practices and how her faith impacts her life.