The publishing organisation of the Jesuits in Ireland.

The Messenger | September 2019

In acknowledgement of the Season of Creation, the annual celebration of prayer and action to protect creation (1 September – 4 October), the September issue of The Sacred Heart Messenger carries two articles that urge us to actively engage in care for our common home. Catherine Devitt, in Caring for God’s Creatures, argues that humans must not think of ourselves as relating to nature as if we were separate from it; Brian Grogan SJ in Buring Bush, Burning Planet, urges us to step up to the ‘burning bush’ of our planetary overheating, treading barefoot on what will undoubtedly be thorny ground.

Elsewhere, Bishop Brendan Leahy reflects on the legacy of Jean Vanier, the wise and insightful founder of L’Arche, whose inspiring vision will be carried forward by many. Our RE:LINK supplement is a great resource for teachers of Religion for the Junior Cert – this month it discusses the concept of Reconciliation. Plus lots more!