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The Messenger | May 2021


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MAY 2021

We find comfort and joy in being part of something – a nationality, a religion, a family, a team – and sometimes that cohesiveness can have the effect of excluding those not part of the group. Articles in the May Messenger show how, in many different ways, we are ‘better together’ and that the Gospel message to accept and welcome ‘the other’ benefits the entire community rather than a minority of individuals. Thus, Pope Francis’ call on governments to regulate financial markets is rooted in a concern for the poor; Gillian Kingston, who has worked for decades in the ecumenical movement welcomes the increasing diversity in church congregations; Alan Hilliard says that we need the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit to help us move away from individualism and towards a focus on community; and Denis Tuohy suggests that prayer is about seeing and valuing the diversity of all creation in the world.

Elsewhere, Eddie Cosgrove SJ reflects on 500th anniversary of the conversion of St Ignatius, Sam Dixon writes about Miguel Pro SJ, beatified in 1988, and Michael McGuckian SJ describes the Jesuit mission in Turkey. RE:LINK  has an insightful interview with helpers on the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage and we have all our regulars- Hidden Gems, prayer reflections, Children’s pages, places of worship and our Flowers of Ireland features a lovely ‘homage to the hawthorn’.


A pull-out supplement for teenagers and younger readers that addresses the subject and concerns of Catholicism today. RE:LINK supports the Junior Cert curriculum and is an educational resource for all teachers of Religion Studies.

May’s RE:LINK carries an interview with Michelle Stedman on her experience as an assistant with the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, the most visited Christian pilgrimage site in the world. Michelle has been volunteering on the trip every year since since 2005!