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The Messenger | July 2022



JULY 2022

The July Messenger draws our attention to World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, established by Pope Francis in 2021 and celebrated on 24 July in 2022. Pope Francis has always been an advocate for intergenerational communication; with their stories and memories, our elders can help us to take account of our past when we make decisions for the future. We also consider some of the issues on which decisions need to be made: the impact of climate change on some of the poorer nations on Earth; our punitive rather than rehabilitative prison system; finding ecologically safe alternatives to fossil fuels; the threat to our coastlines of rising sea levels.

We also learn about the inspiring life and work of well-known Legionary of Mary, Edel Quinn; we look at the lasting influence of St James, whose Feast Day is on 25 July and we read about Pope John XXIII’s famous encyclical, Pacem in Terris, which provides a vision for justice and peace in an imperfect world. With all our regular features of reflections, prayers, crosswords and cookery, there’s plenty of reading for everyone.

Our pull-out supplement for teenagers and younger readers takes a break for the summer months of July and August