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The Messenger | July 2021


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JULY 2021

Topics in July Messenger range from Pope Francis’s historic visit to Iraq to the dramatic story of St Paul’s conversion, from an agriculture and education aid programme in South Sudan to a frank article on finding ways through mental health struggles. Archbishop Eamon Martin’s homily on Palm Sunday where he speaks of The Disappeared in Northern Ireland sits alongside a heart-warming account of one man’s successful search for a long-lost brother. And an informative piece on the recent Climate Bill is balanced by a heartening article in celebration of the recently-established World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly.

And of course, we have our popular series and regular features: reflections, the Pope’s monthly intention, cookery, crosswords, hidden gems of Art. And John Feehan attempts to convince us about the ‘incomparable and unique’ dandelion!

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