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The Messenger | January 2022


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It is, perhaps, appropriate that the first Messenger of the year carries a number of articles that encourage us to accept and celebrate the richness and diversity of difference and to embrace the new. These revelations can give us insight, awareness and appreciation of that which is different – we call this Epiphany. This is of particular significance as the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity also falls in January, encouraging us to cross not just physical but emotional and spiritual boundaries in our everyday lives.

We learn how an unassuming, modest Jesuit, Rutilio Grande, was the inspiration for both St Oscar Romero and Pope Francis. With a focus on the social justice strand of Catholic teaching, we reflect on the Irish government’s ‘Housing for All’ strategy. And we consider the power of Resilience in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

With regular prayers, reflections, recipes, nature feature and young people’s RE:LINK section, the January Messenger starts us off well for a good year!

A pull-out supplement for teenagers and younger readers that addresses the subject and concerns of Catholicism today. RE:LINK supports the Junior Cert curriculum and is an educational resource for all teachers of Religion Studies

In the January issue Sr Sarah Brannigan, Vocations Director with the Cistercian Sisters, speaks about her own vocation and gives a fascinating insight into life in an enclosed order.