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The Messenger | February 2022


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There is an ‘outward-looking’ strand running through the February Messenger as we look at some contemporary manifestations of the Catholic Church today. The prophetic social teaching of Pope Francis, the voices of recipients of the John Paul II Award and the focus for the 2023 Synod, to foster a Church where everyone feels at home, all point to a vision for a Church of compassion and inclusivity.

We consider how young people–described by Pope Francis as the ‘Now’ of God–often express their search for faith and spirituality in ways different but no less meaningful than previous generations; we read how a deep appreciation and care for our earth and that to acknowledge, value and accept the wisdom and support of others can all be forms of prayer; and in the month of St Valentine, we reflect on the power and depth of the vows of marriage, which proclaim a brave, practical, patient and sacrificial love.

We have all our regular features too – reflections, prayer, RE:LINK supplement, crosswords, our nature column finds a plant that flowers in winter and for a month that can be cold and wet, we have delicious spicy recipes to warm us up!

A pull-out supplement for teenagers and younger readers that addresses the subject and concerns of Catholicism today. RE:LINK supports the Junior Cert curriculum and is an educational resource for all teachers of Religion Studies

The February issue takes a look at and presents a fact file on the five major world religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.