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The Messenger | December 2020


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The Pope’s Intention for December is that we each develop and nourish our personal relationship with God. For composer Liam Lawton, the core and expression of his prayer life is sacred music, for Peter McVerry SJ, it means accepting that we cannot truly comprehend the mystery of God. The importance of listening and being open to change is at the heart of an article about St Francis Xavier, whose Feast Day occurs in December. The question posed to him by Ignatius, ‘What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?’ changed the course of his life. Likewise Mother Teresa, explored in our RE:LINK supplement, listened to God’s encouragement to her to work with and for the homeless, ill and unwanted in the slums of India, abandoning her former role as a teacher. And Denis Tuohy uses the cartoon character Snoopy to demonstrate how we can adjust from the past to the future while living in the present.

A pull-out supplement for teenagers and younger readers that addresses the subject and concerns of Catholicism today. RE:LINK supports the Junior Cert curriculum and is an educational resource for all teachers of Religion Studies.

December’s RE:LINK takes a look at the life of St Teresa of Calcutta, known around the world as Mother Teresa. The article looks at what motivated her in the challenging life she chose and reflects on what we can learn from this inspirational saint.