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The Life and Lens of Father Browne


Edited by EE O’Donnell SJ

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In 1985 Eddie O’Donnell SJ found a tin trunk containing 42,000 negatives – the life’s work of Francis Browne SJ. He has curated and promoted the collection ever since and is the author of over 20 books of Father Browne’s photographs.
“the most important documentary historian of this century”
– The Irish Times

Father Browne was a passenger on the Titanic and, when the ship sank, his photos were printed on the front pages of newspapers throughout the world.

1n 1916 he joined up as a chaplain to the British Army serving with the Irish Guards on the front line during the First World War. He was wounded five times and gassed. He became the most decorated Catholic chaplain of the war.

Although he spent the rest of his life as a Jesuit priest, he continued to take remarkable photos, to travel and to meet many of the leading figures of his times.

Anyone curious about “Father Browne of the Titanic” will find this an entertaining and informative read, amply illustrated with his wonderful photographs.




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