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The Deep End: A Journey with the Sunday Gospels in the Year of Luke


Tríona Doherty and Jane Mellett

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The Deep End invites readers to come on a journey through the story of Luke’s Gospel to follow Jesus as he makes his way to Jerusalem. Through a series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels of Year C, it offers a fresh perspective for anyone who wants to explore how the Gospels are relevant for today.

In our world, threatened by ecological break-down, inequality and division, the message of Jesus as presented by Luke has much to say to us. We are invited to hear God’s voice within and find our way as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, cultivating inclusiveness, compassion, and a love that can turn the world upside down.

The book includes tips for prayer and meditation to nourish ourselves along the way, as well as practical suggestions for building communities of welcome and love. There is a particular focus on our call to care for God’s creation. There will be many surprises and challenges as we travel through the year; Luke’s Gospel offers a radical vision that inspires and gives hope and invites us to continue the narrative.

210x 140mm