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Synodality and the Recovery of Vatican II: A New Way for Catholics


Edited by Stephen McKinney, Thomas O’Loughlin, Beáta Tóth

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Although the notion of the Church as ‘synodal’ has roots in the councils and synods of the early churches, east and west, the notion of ‘synodality’ has only emerged in the past decade as a central theme in Catholic life and thought, portraying a whole new image of the Church.

The Church, Pope Francis has said, is called to be synodal as it changes its self-perception from being a power pyramid seeking to impose its vision to being a pilgrim people at the service of humanity. But what are the implications of synodality? The synod in Rome 2023/24 is presently grappling with this question.

As part of this synodal engagement, the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain invited reflections on the topic from members and friends of the association. The resultant essays ponder the importance of synodality, what it means, how it can build on the work of the Second Vatican Council, and how we can engage with it today.

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Stephen McKinney is Professor of Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith at the University of Glasgow. His interests are in the interface between theology and Catholic education. Thomas O’Loughlin
is professor emeritus of historical theology at the University of Nottingham. He has written extensively on the history and theology of worship and currently teaches for the Mirfield Liturgical Institute. Beáta Tóth is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Systematic Theology at Sapientia College of Theology, Budapest.

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