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So You Can’t Forgive? Moving Towards Freedom


Brian Lennon SJ

So You Can’t Forgive? situates the challenge of forgiveness, in real-life circumstances, with all of its varying complications. There has been a great focus on reconciliation in recent years. But how does this sit with those who have suffered terrible violence, or abuse or family conflicts? What happens when you find you can’t forgive, when you are filled with anger and only want revenge?

In this book, Brian Lennon SJ asks what real forgiving is and suggests that we may often put unfair and impossible demands on the shoulders of those who have suffered most. He challenges the myths and misunderstandings around forgiving and tries to be both compassionate and challenging as he looks at ways in which people can move towards freedom.

This book will be of interest to anyone who is finding it difficult to forgive. It will also be of interest to those working with people in this situation, such as spiritual guides, counsellors, carers and those working in conflict situations.

Brian Lennon SJ is a Jesuit priest who has spent over 30 years working in Northern Ireland. During this time his major focus has been on the peace process and he was involved in Track II diplomacy before the ceasefires.


210 x 140 mm