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Sharing the Wisdom of Time


Pope Francis and Friends

‘…a book with a difference…open it randomly…and be inspired by what is revealed about peoples’ lives across the world and the way in which the Pope gently responds to each one of them. The pictures are brilliant, the text is very readable;’ Methodist Recorder

‘Every story has its own charm….every story is a life, is a testimony to the power of faith and the capacity of human resilience and love.’. Archbishop Jude Okolo, Papal Nuncio to Ireland

Pope Francis has always been a champion of intergenerational dialogue and in 2018 commissioned a book which shares the insights of older people from around the globe with young people today.  The result is this award-winning book, Sharing the Wisdom of Time, in which the lessons learned by older generations become a gift to the young, empowering them to step into the world of tomorrow.

The book contains Pope Francis’ interactions with elder people from every corner of the globe – Latin America, the Far East, USA, Africa, Europe, Ireland and the UK. It is illustrated with stunning photographic portraits taken by National Geographic photographer Paul Audia.

Now the book has provided the inspiration for a Netflix series, Stories of a Generation, available to watch now.


305 x 230 mm