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Richard Devane SJ – Social Commentator and Advocate: 1876 – 1951


Martin Walsh

Fr Richard Stanislus Devane SJ, was a social advocate and campaigner in the early years of the Irish Free State, yet surprisingly little has been written about him. Some recognition has been given to his work on social aspects of legislation in the first decades of the new Irish Free State. Other than that, there are only vignettes of his call for an Ireland moulded according to true Christian values.

Little till now has been documented about Devane’s zeal to order and control the lives of the working-classes. His opinions, beliefs and thinking were largely shaped before he joined the Jesuits in 1918. This comprehensive study is therefore required to place Devane within the narrative of Irish history of the early twentieth century.

Martin Walsh holds a PhD from the University of Limerick. His research interests lie in the ideas of nation-building in nineteenth and twentieth-century Ireland and England through the ordering of the working-classes by middle-class social purists.


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