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Raphael’s World


Michael Collins

‘…beautifully-illustrated, highly readable…‘  Reality Magazine

‘A very informative and beautifully-presented book that introduces the reader to an artist that has enriched the world’.    The Furrow

‘…beautifully laid-out and illustrated…describes not just the life and genius of Raphael but the society and milieu in which he lived…well worth reading by anyone interested in history, Italy or Art’.    Church Review

‘ an absorbing book, beautifully illustrated.’ Pat Kenny, Newstalk 106FM

This most worthwhile book conveys the artistic brilliance of Raphael’.  Intercom

Written and published to conicide with the 500th anniversary of the death of Raphael on 6 April 2020, Raphael’s World portrays the complex era – one of major political change – in which this, one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance lived. Raphael was sought out by popes, kings and aristocrats to decorate their residences and the book introduces the reader to a fascinating panoply of his patrons.


195 x 195