PILGRIMAGE: A JOURNEY OF FAITH THROUGH THE HOLY LAND | Jesus: Later Ministry & on the Road to Jerusalem


Pilgrimage is a course of Bible study consisting of six booklets with six studies in each. This is booklet No.3: Jesus: Later Ministry & On the Road to Jerusalem. The booklets bring participants on a journey of faith through the Holy Land leading them to various places and pilgrimage sites. They are designed to be used both as a study aid and as a travel guide when touring the Holy Land. The aim of Pilgrimage is to give participants a deeper understanding of the Holy Land and its people, making it meaningful and helpful in their own individual journeys of faith.

Other books in the Pilgrimage series are:

The Course Guide

1. Old Testament Patriarchs, Judges, Kings and Prophets – Spring 2017

2. Jesus: Birth and Early Ministry – Spring 2017

3. Jesus: Later Ministry and on to Jerusalem – Available now

4. Jesus: The Road to Calvary – Available now

5. Jesus: Alive and Living through his Disciples – Spring 2017

6. New Testament Apostles and Evangelists – Spring 2017

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