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Pedro Arrupe SJ - Mystic with Open Eyes


by Brian Grogan SJ with an introduction by Peter McVerry SJ

Why might this man be declared a saint? Pedro Arrupe, twenty-eighth Superior General of the Society of Jesus, re-founded the Jesuits and re-cast Ignatian spirituality for our times. He was a prisoner of Imperial Japan, a first responder when the atom bomb fell on Hiroshima, a pioneer of Catholic social justice and a founder of the Jesuit Refugee Service. His mind and heart were shaped by the Second Vatican Council.

Few people—outside religious life—know his story. But now that the process for his beatification is underway, he will become known across the Catholic world and beyond. Best-selling author Brian Grogan SJ, whose life has been deeply influenced by Arrupe, has written Pedro Arrupe SJ: Mystic With Open Eyes. With a foreword by Peter McVerry SJ, this booklet is a guide to the extraordinary life of a great-souled human being. Arrupe belongs to the world because he had a profound love for everyone, especially the neediest. This succinct account of his life, 1907–1991, highlights his dynamic influence on the Church of today as it labours to build a civilisation of justice and love.

Brian Grogan SJ has devoted most of a lifetime to mining and circulating the rich treasurers of Ignatian spirituality. He authored God, You’re Breaking My Heart, Finding God in a Leaf and I am Infinitely Loved, all available from Messenger Publications. In the spirit of the Ignatian ideal of finding God in all things, he is also deeply involved in environmental issues.