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Our Wounded God: Beyond, Beside and Within Us


John Cullen

‘a rich, if eclectic, source of rare sensitivity, astute insight and hope-filled companionship…’    The Pastoral Review

The Stations of the Cross etch a story of pain and humiliation in the life of Jesus. This book sees Jesus as the guardian of the wounded and the tortured.

Together we discern and dialogue as a church on a Synodal path. This book helps us to discover the paschal (‘pass over’) significance of the cross as a response to the suffering that sears many lives today. Baptism, the Eucharist, the shared commitment of our resources, the living out of radical forgiveness, the inclusive service of compassion to all and the willingness to make sacrifices with the lowest, the least and the lost will lead us to be called the ‘body of Christ.’

The Stations of the Cross lead us, like the Centurion who pierces the side of Christ, to recognise divinity at the heart of humanity.

Fr John Cullen works as chaplain in a care home in London and is the Catholic representative on an interfaith outreach project for homeless people. A native of Co Sligo and a priest for the Elphin diocese, he previously served as diocesan advisor for primary school education in Ireland and was a volunteer missionary in Kenya with Kiltegan Missionaries. A former editor of Intercom magazine, this is his second title with Messenger Publications.


180 x 120mm