The publishing organisation of the Jesuits in Ireland.

Open Heart Open Arms: Welcoming Migrants to Ireland


Alan Hilliard

The booklet aims to foster an understanding of the plight of migrants that lead to action in the local faith community. Understanding the role of the Christian towards the ever more present reality of migration and of the great Catholic tradition of hospitality is more important than ever, especially if we want or desire to make the appropriate response.

The actions may not change situations in the homelands from which people migrated in the first place, but the action we undertake in the neighbourhood where we live together can have amazing impacts for the stranger, for us and for our community, eventually influencing policy through our mutual understanding of the way our world is functioning or not functioning. The information in this booklet will help nurture the instincts of those who wish to make a difference in the face of the current crisis, which brings with it so much tragedy.


180 x 120mm