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Let Advent be Advent


Vincent Sherlock

This season of  Advent calls to us to prepare a room for the Lord so that he may truly be welcomed into our hearts and allowed grow from the newborn child into the one who walked the way marked out for him and, on that walk called (and still calls) others to join him.

In this collection of daily reflections, some of the days coincide with the Liturgy of the day and borrow from the Scripture passages used on those days at Mass.  Other days are not linked with Scripture and, even where they are, the passage may well not correspond with the Church’s chosen passages. Some of the thoughts are random reflections that might help you think around the script of your own life and place on the Christian journey, others are developed from a scriptural starting point.



ISBN: 9781910248805

FORMAT: Booklet

Pagination: 64pp

REF: J410