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Journeying to the Light: Daily Readings through Advent and Christmas


John Mann

Foreword by Bishop Brendan Leahy

These daily reflections may be of use to all individuals who are seeking to establish a regular period of contemplation and space through Advent and Christmas,  traditionally full of distraction and busyness. A Church-goer, a seeker after truth or, quite possibly in these tumultuous days, a Christian soul whose path has become darkened or distracted will find some thing in these pages to encourage them to set their eyes towards the light and their heart to the divine.

Based on the the readings of each day from Advent Sunday to the Epiphany,  Journeying to the Light has at its heart the Incarnation, with the author weaving contemporary trends with biblical themes and with events of his own life.

The book is ecumenical in its reach, as many of the readings coincide with those appointed for both the daily Mass in Roman Catholic Churches and in Anglican Churches.  Bishop Brendan Leahy is joined by Archbishop John McDowell of the Church of Ireland and two Church of England bishops in commending the book for our use.


John Mann is an Anglican priest and former dean of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast. He was awarded the Lambeth Cross for Ecumenism by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2018  and holds an honorary D.Litt from Ulster University.

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