The publishing organisation of the Jesuits in Ireland.

Jesuit Lives – at home in the world


Edited by Patrick Carberry SJ

Before the word ‘globalisation’ was invented, there were the Jesuits. They have always defined themselves, not by any particular place or specific ministry, but by a universal outreach. They were ready to go wherever the needs were great and the opportunities promising. Adaptability became their hallmark.

From early on, the Jesuits spread rapidly: to the Far East, starting with Francis Xavier in 1540, to North and South America, to Africa and eventually to Australasia. In their reports to Rome, they spoke about the different situations they faced, their successes and failures, their frustrations and hopes.

Jesuit Lives tells the stories of these pioneers as they don traditional Confucian dress in China, negotiate the territories of the Huron and Iroquois in North America, follow the Zambezi river through Africa and grapple with the message of the Gospel in modern times.

Divided into five sections and featuring contributions by leading Jesuits, Jesuit Lives shares the experience and wisdom of these men in the hope that their commitment and struggles will prove inspirational once again today.


210 x 140mm