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Ignatian Spirituality and Interreligious Dialogue: Reading Love’s Mystery


Michael Barnes SJ

‘…harmoniously blends theory and practice, doctrine and lived experience of interreligious dialogue. The book is rich in illustrations and personal experiences of the author. To a world lacerated by hatred and religious fundamentalism, this book could not have been more timely!  Gregorianum

‘…stimulating and challenging…the book is filled with energy and texture’  Thinking Faith

‘…a most interesting book… an endless, but enriching exploration.’ The Irish Catholic

‘This is the story of one Jesuit who seeks to respond to the mystery of a loving God through the lens of Ignatian Spirituality. The author brings his expertise as a theologian and specialist in Asian religions together with his active engagement with people from other faith traditions in a reflection on his own personal experience, his ‘ongoing pilgrimage’. Catholic Profiles

This book about the dialogue between religions is also a book formed in dialogue.

Seeking to bring together the two sides of the author’s experience as an academic teacher and pastoral worker, the book can be read both as a practical correlate to his writings on the theology of religions, and, at a more personal level, as a reflection on his experience ‘on the streets’.


210 x 140mm