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Hearers of the Word - Praying and Exploring the Readings, Easter and Pentecost: Year B


Kieran J O’Mahony OSA
In Hearers of The Word – Praying and Exploring the Readings for Easter and Pentecost: Year B  In this, the sixth volume in the Hearers series, Kieran O’Mahony – focusing on the writings of Ss Paul, Luke, and John, the experts on prayer, the Holy Spirit and joy – reminds us that in times of great struggle our faith is a means by which the ‘yes’ of God can seep into us, slowly but surely changing us.
With verse-by-verse commentary, a detailed explanation of the Old and New Testament background behind each reading, and suggestions for prayer and reflection, Hearers of the Word asks us to rejoice and go outside, because Christ is risen, the first fruits of all who have fallen asleep!


210 x 140mm