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Freedom from the Prison of Addiction: Spiritual and Secular Wisdom


Martina Killeavy

The role that spirituality can play in recovery from addiction is poorly understood. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung described alcoholism as a ‘spiritual disease’ that demanded a spiritual awakening.

How do you have a spiritual awakening, however? How, when you are suffering with addiction, do you find time in everyday life for spirituality? In Freedom from the Prison of Addiction, Martina Killeavy marries the genius of St Ignatius to the famous Twelve-Step Programme of Alcoholics Anonymous. The result is that a pattern of gratitude, an ability to stay anchored in the present and a facility to find God in all things enters daily life. In that pattern of gratitude and that relationship with God is one path to freedom.

Martina Killeavy is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin with a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She is also a qualified guide of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.


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