Finding God in the Mess: Meditations for Mindful Living


Author: Brendan McManus SJ & Jim Deeds

ISBN: 9781910248843

Format: Paperback


REF: J406



Modern lives can be very busy, saturated by technology and media, there isn’t always time for happiness. It is the time out and the ability to look back and understand life events that brings about deeper, more satisfying living. Difficult situations of conflict, stress and worry arise, as do pleasant  situations,  but  there  are  ways  through the challenges. It is essential to believe that there is something positive in everything, that God is in it somewhere, and that we can get  through with help.

These meditations can be used by readers as a daily prayer source, for morning, daytime or evening prayer. They are also ideal for parish groups who might read a reflection and then come together for discussion.

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