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Father Browne's Titanic Album


Edited by EE O’Donnell SJ

A treasure trove of magnificent memories, breathtaking photographs and intriguing letters from a passenger on the RMS Titanic.

In 1912, thanks to the gift of a ticket from his uncle, a young Jesuit priest named Frank Browne travelled on the Titanic during her maiden voyage from Southampton, to Cherbourg to Cork. A keen photographer, Fr Browne took many unique photographs of the ship and her passengers. Invited to remain with the ship as it crossed the Atlantic, Fr Browne was saved from possible disaster by a telegram from his Jesuit superior ordering him to “get off that ship”. When the unthinkable happened and the Titanic sank, claiming over 1,500 lives, Fr Browne’s photographs appeared on the front pages of newspapers all around the world and are considered to be a rare and precious account of that historical moment.

This striking volume relates the story of Fr Browne’s Titanic voyage, illustrated by photographs and memorabilia from his personal album – an invaluable archival treasure. The facsimile reproductions from this album, together with additional photographs, piece together the story of the great ship’s voyage from Southampton up to her departure from Queenstown, her final port of call before disaster struck.

Fr Browne’s first-hand account of his journey is included, along with some intriguing letters, such as correspondence from the White Star Line and from fellow passengers.

The Foreword to this edition is by Dr Robert D Ballard, who discovered the wreckage in its resting place in 1985.

For many years the photographs of Fr Browne were forgotten until 1985 when Fr Eddie O’Donnell happened across an old tin trunk in the Jesuit archives and re-discovered 42,000 photographs, including the Titanic collection.

This is a newly designed paperback of the edition published in 2012 to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of Titanic.




ISBN: 9781910248270

REF: J330