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Dancing with Loneliness


José Maria R. Olaizola SJ

Foreword by Brian Grogan SJ

‘This is a book with incredible reach and depth, offering guidance to those of all ages and all walks of life.’     The Pastoral Review

‘[Olaizola’s] style is eloquent and lyrical and is a joy to read. He uses images and metaphors very effectively. I recommend this book to all who are willing to engage with their own personal experience of loneliness and to dance with this experience.’   Search Journal

‘this book sparkles…the author’s style brings hope and consolation…there’s something in these pages for everyone.’  Africa magazine

rich with insight… one finds oneself recalling and mulling over it in a fruitful way later…a wonderful and fruitful book, which can be recommended warmly’   The Irish Catholic

‘…presents loneliness as a great opportunity to hear God speaking and to know oneself and others’   Intercom

‘perceptive and moving book…a good choice for a parish reading group’  The Way

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Dancing with Loneliness

Loneliness and connection are not enemies, rather two facets of everyone’s life. We just need to get to know them. That’s especially true of loneliness, so that, far from being oppressive or a threat, it can become an opportunity or a learning point.  All we need to do is to discern the heart song of loneliness, so we can learn how to guide our emotions to cope with it.

José María Rodríguez Olaizola SJ is a Jesuit priest and writer. His fields of interest are theology, sociology and spirituality. He is currently head of institutional communication for the Society of Jesus in Spain. He has an active social media presence, with pastoralsj and rezandovoy among his projects. Among his best-known works are Joy, Even at Night, Today is Now: Solid People for Liquid Times and Ignatius of Loyola Never Alone.

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