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Celebrating Holy Week


Vincent Sherlock

In Celebrating Holy Week, Fr Vincent Sherlock reflects on his own experience of the Easter Triduum and offers a detailed account of the significance and meaning of each day. He makes church and vestments speak, lingers on fonts that go empty and are then full again and turns the absence of song into a lyric of reflection.

Urging us always to notice what is going on around us during this high point of the Christian year, the author leaves no one out of the experience of the Triduum.

Fr Sherlock reminds us that, like the man with the pitcher of water who unknowingly guided the disciples to the place of the Last Supper, we are all a part of Easter too.

Fr Vincent Sherlock is the Parish Priest of Kilmovee, Co Mayo. He is the author of Let Advent Be Advent and The Stations of the Cross, both Messenger Publications. He maintains a blog at