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A Short History of the Church of Ireland


Kenneth Milne

it packs so much into its short span…an ideal introduction for those who want to know more about the Church of Ireland’    Search Journal

‘engaging, valuable and instructive’    Intercom

‘a sensitive and detailed introduction to the history of the Church of Ireland for Christians of all denominations’.   Jesuits in Ireland website

all readers of this paper would benefit from reading this book…essential book for all school and public libraries.’   The Irish Catholic

The Church of Ireland traces its history back to the coming of Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century. Kenneth Milne here outlines the story of the Church within the wider context of Irish history, given the Church of Ireland’s role as the Established (State) Church for several hundred years and its political role in Irish life from the Reformation onwards.

This latest revision follows centuries of plantations and penal laws until eventually, in the nineteenth century, the church was disestablished. The final chapter brings the story through changing times to our own day, with the ecumenical movement, Prayer Book revision and the ordination of women to priesthood and the episcopate.  A very useful resource for students of Religious Studies and those interested in reading about the beliefs and practices of traditions within the wider Christian family.


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