Saints of Our Time: From Edith Stein to Oscar Romero


A collection of almost 50 portraits of modern day saints, which first appeared in The Sacred Heart Messenger magazine.

“In writing these stories I wanted to help people see that sanctity and holiness did not just belong to the ancient past but was something attainable in the modern age. The men and women of this past  twentieth century  lived ordinary lives within the last few decades from our own. Some of them had colourful pasts when perhaps they –  by their own admission – did not always walk with Christ. But God’s grace at some point touched their lives and brought them to serve Him in a most extraordinary way.”

Here you will find well-known figures such as Bishop Oscar Romero, Simone Weil, Edith Stein, and Billy Graham, as well as many lesser known heroes such as Rose Hawthorne, Georges Rouault, Laura Vicuna and Aloysius Stepinac.

A fascinating look at men and women of the past century who were heroes in their own ways, in the name of Christ.

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