From The Editor

From the Editor

28 Nov 2016



We’ll probably hear the song “Driving Home for Christmas” in coming weeks. We’ll be missing those who cannot come home, and looking forward to the homecomings. We’ll be setting up Skype and other social media sites to make contact on Christmas Day. Christmas is a reminder of the mystery, joy and heartache of home in our lives.

Some don’t come home. My grandmother spent every Christmas for a number of years hoping her son would phone for Christmas. He never did. If he did, he would have received nothing less than a huge welcome.

The Christmas homecoming is not just about a house or family. It is a reminder that our true homeland is with God, the place where we can be fully alive with God and with those whom we love now and hereafter. Gerard Manley Hopkins, the Jesuit poet, begins his poem:

Thee, God, I come from, to thee go,

All day long I like fountain flow.

The mystery of the coming of Jesus is that Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary, makes his home among us. We say that in different ways: ‘he came to his own home and his own did not receive him’; ‘the word was made flesh and lived/dwelt/made his home among us’.

We may in a busy, more faith-distant world, lose the sense of God being our home. It does not negate our human homes for, in the words attributed to Teilhard de Chardin, ‘we are spiritual beings on a human journey’; but our deepest belonging, whether we know it or not, is with the Divine.

How do we make this home part of our lives? What might this mean? In the ordinary home, taking care of its atmosphere, furnishings, repairs and so on demonstrates our care for it and gives the house a sense of being a home.

We care for the home of God in our lives by prayer, worship, and care for each other; also in our care for the poor, by our response with our presence or finance, to the many appeals we hear at this time of the year, and in our care for the earth and the environment.

We are so happy when our absent family members make it home for Christmas. May we all make it home to God for Christmas.

A very happy Christmas to all our readers and promoters!

Donal Neary

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